Sapim 14g Alloy Polyax Anodised Nipples

Best of the best strength to weight and a range of colours to suit your style.



Product details

Sapim Alloy Polyax Anodised Nipples are available in a range of colours to perfectly suit your build.

The 7075 alloy nipple is favoured for its excellent strength to weight ratio, beating all other nipples hands-down. Coloured anodising also protects against corrosion, for a longer-lasting wheel.

Polyax nipples have a rounded, rather than flat, head which provides better spoke/nipple alignment up to 9°.

Regardless of nipple material we always recommend using a little lubrication between nipple and rim interface.

All spokes and nipples are 56TPI thread.
Thread diameter 2.0mm (14g).

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