Which spokes do I need for this build is one of our most commonly asked questions, and rightly so, a wheel built with incorrect spokes will offer performance below the potential of your carefully selected components and could also fail dangerously. There is a lot to consider, rider weight, intended use, weight vs strength/stiffness, lacing pattern and so on. With that in mind below is a run down of some of our best selling Sapim spokes.

Here’s what Sapim have to say about butted spokes:

Sapim butted spokes have two major benefits: less weight and more strength! The SCFT-system (Sapim Cold Forging Technology) ’stretch‘ the spoke while retaining the linear molecular structure of the material, thereby increasing the spoke strength at the middle by at least 48%.

Plain Gauge

Leader 13g:

A tough and burly spoke, diameter is 2.3mm. This spoke is great for handling torque. You will need to use 13g or BAT reduction nipples with this spoke.

Usage: E-Bikes, Cargo bikes, smaller wheels and anything which is designed to work for a living.

Leader 14g:

Another tough spoke with a diameter of 2.0 along its length, Sapim list this as a standard spoke for everyday use. We use these a lot for smaller wheels such as Brompton and anything intended to carry a load.

Usage: Cargo bikes, Brompton/folding bikes, smaller wheels and load carrying machines.

Technical specs

Weight: 14G 2,0 mm (64 pcs x 260 mm lg) 431 g
Quality: Stainless
Strength on middle section: 1080 – 1180 N/mm2

Single Butted


Developed specifically for heavy usage on tandems, E-bikes and cargo bikes, this spoke has a diameter of 2.3mm at the shoulder and 2.0mm along the butted section.

Usage: E-bikes, Tandems, Cargo bikes and anything which will have a hard life.

Technical specs

Weight: (64 pcs x 260 mm lg) 446 g
Quality: Stainless
Strength on middle section: 1250 N/mm2

Double Butted


A lightweight spoke. The butted section has a diameter of 1.5mm with the non-butted portion coming in at 2.0mm. As this spoke is quite flexible it is prone to spoke wind up, the spoke twists with the nipple as spokes are brought up to tension, Sapim advises that only experienced wheelbuilders should use this spoke. These spokes are light and flexible which means good shock absorption. Ideal for riders who won’t be carrying a load and are looking to save weight.

Usage: Audax and climbing wheels, Track bikes and light-weight road bikes.

Technical specs

Diameter: 2.0 – 1.5 – 2.0
Length: 145-310 mm
Weight: 283 g (64 x 260 mm)
Strength on middle section: 1500 N/mm2


A lightweight spoke with less elasticity than the Laser, this is a very popular choice. Middle section is 1.8mm with 2.0mm on the non-butted portion. The Race a good choice for a wide usage, basically if you carry a load, like to get a bit rough on the trails or want a good balance between weight and durability, this is the spoke for you.

Usage: Touring, MTB, XC, Enduro, gravel, Commuter and beyond.

Technical specs

Weight: 14G (64 pcs x 260 mm lg) 363 g
Quality: Stainless
Strength on middle section: 1300 N/mm2



The CX-Ray is tough, flexible and has the highest fatigue life of any Sapim spoke it also has a bladed profile which provides aerodynamic benefit. Sapim recommend this spoke for most disciplines, it is equally suited to a super lightweight track bike as it is to a full on downhill monster and everything in between! Diameter on the non-butted portion is 2.0mm. The only consideration is price however, this is evened out by the extended fatigue life, estimated to last as much as three times longer than a standard butted spoke.

Usage: Downhill, XC, Track wheels, Climbing wheels, gravel.

Technical specs

Weight: (64 pcs x 260 mm lg) 272 g
Quality: AISI 302
Strength on middle section: 1600 N/mm2