Sapim 14g Brass Polyax SILS Silver Nipples

Featuring the Sapim Integrated Locking System to prevent loosening.


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Product details

Sapim Brass Polyax SILS Silver Nipples are a Polyax design, built with the Sapim Integrated Locking System.

High profile or radially mounted wheels are prone to impacts which can cause momentary loss of spoke tension, allowing nipples to loosen. SILS nipples have a special thread system which prevents loosening. A SILS nipple, which is self-locking, does not degrade over time, allowing wheels to be trued, re-tensioned, or re-dished with minimal hassle.

The rounded design of Polyax Nipples reduces the stresses produced by axial and lateral forces (inherent in wheels with low spoke counts and crossings). Polyax nipples re-align themselves within a rim hole up to 9 degrees in a radial direction and 6 deg in an axial direction, creating a far superior fit.

Highly precise and accurate punching machines are needed to form this type of locking system in order to achieve a stable and well defined deformation on the thread. Each nipple has an additional locking resistance of 18 +/- 3 cNm.

Technical Specifications

  • Material: Brass
  • Scope: MTB, road, trekking, E-MTB, E-Road, utility
  • Thread diameter: 2 mm
  • Overall length: 12mm
  • Spoke Wrench Size: 3.25mm
  • Colour: Silver

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