Sapim MG Nipple Washers

Adaptable, high-quality washers for superior wheels.


Product details

Sapim MG Nipple Washers offer something special.

Unlike other washers, they are CNC’d and not pressed. Their height is a little lower than many other washers and the V-shape ensures a perfect match with many different shapes of nipple.

There are several reasons to choose Sapim MG Nipple Washers:

  • Carbon: Stainless steel material prevents corrosion between a carbon rim and aluminium nipple.
  • Thin-wall rims: The washer increases the contact area significantly and increases strength around the nipple by approx 30%.
  • Low friction: Pairing with a Polyax R3 head reduces friction due to the adapted washer nipple surface, resulting in a controlled buildup of tension. Higher tension can also be achieved without damage. Grease is advised.
  • Unmatched Spoke/Nipple Line: The adapted nipple contact surface of the washers helps the nipple to work better as a ball joint creating perfect alignment of spoke and nipple. The washer can move on the rim and will bring the turning point of the nipple to the centre of the rim wall.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight 32pcs 7.68 g
  • Height 2 mm
  • Outside diameter 7,5 mm
  • Inside diameter 4,8 mm
  • Material stainless 18/8

Please note:

  • When using the MG washer the spoke length needs to be adapted by 2mm.
  • Ensure the washer lays flat in the rim bed.
  • If the rim bed is round-shaped or very narrow (less than 7,5mm flat area) we advise using the HM washer.