Sapim Race Straight Pull Black Spokes

A great do-it-all spoke that’s best suited to sturdy wheels that need to take some abuse.



Product details

Best for: First-time builders and for any and all builds, including loaded touring and adventure cycling.

Sapim’s Race Straight Pull Black Spoke is the brand’s flagship butted spoked with great strength to weight.

It’s a perfect do-it-all spoke that’s as well suited to your mountain bike as it is your sturdy commuter. If your bike needs to take a bit of abuse, this is the one.

The Race is the most popular spoke in Sapim’s range and is a great spoke to build with. Builders will find it an easy spoke to build up tension with and should feel less torsion and less elasticity in the spoke over others.

Double-butted spokes are the recommended choice for any quality wheel build, saving weight, greatly increasing the lifespan of a well-built wheel and offering good bump-absorption.

Lighter riders (below 75kg) may wish to consider the Sapim Laser.
For the ultimate combination of strength and low weight, we’d recommend the Sapim CX-Ray spoke.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 363g (64x260mm)
  • Strength on middle section: 1300 N/mm2
  • Diameter: 14G 2.0 – 1.8 – 2.0mm

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