Caffelatex Effetto ZOT! Nano Sealant Booster

Boost your Caffelatex setup and seal holes up to 10mm.


Product details

Caffelatex Effetto ZOT! Nano Sealant Booster is an instant polymerization catalyser for Caffélatex, useful when your tyre is damaged on the roads or the trails.

Standard Caffelatex will seal holes up to 5mm… when damage exceeds that, ZOT! steps in to lend a helping hand. Simply inject ZOT! into the hole on your tyre and it will provide an added boost to repair damage up to 10mm. ZOT! can be easily carried in a backpack, pocket or jersey and the supplied mount means that it can also fit on to your bottle bosses so it’s always within easy reach.


  • Small size/reduced weight of ZOT! Nano makes it good also for weight-conscious cyclists
  • The metal needle allows precise injection of Caffelatex ZOT! inside smaller punctures
  • Can be easily opened/re-sealed with a practical silicone plug
  • Fits under the bottle cage with the provided specific clip
  • One bottle of ZOT! is enough for 2 to 5 uses

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