Effetto Caffelatex Remover 50ml

Softens and dissolves dried-out latex from clothing and components.


Product details

The Effetto Caffelatex Remover Sealant Remover 50ml is a modern solvent that will soften/dissolve dried-out natural or synthetic latex stains from bicycle frames and clothes.

It is very strong and fast-action on metals and painted surfaces. It is also very effective on fabrics, with results varying according to the material. It is particularly useful when used to unblock clogged sealant valves, restoring them to useable condition quickly and easily.

Caffélatex Remover doesn’t contain any dangerous or flammable chemicals.

Made in Italy.

WARNING: even if it won’t attack most paints and fabrics, we recommend testing the Effetto Caffélatex Remover over smaller, hidden areas.

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