DT Swiss Champion 14g Silver Spokes

A classic all-rounder for everyday use, built with DT’s legendary quality and reliability.



Product details

The DT Swiss Champion 14g Spoke is a classic all-rounder for everyday use, offering DT’s legendary quality and reliability with excellent value for money alongside. It is a 14 gauge spoke with a 2mm thickness throughout its length.

The Champion is from Swedish X5 stainless steel that is custom blended just for DT. By rolling the thread, DT ensures that no metal is removed from the spoke and the grain of the material is preserved. This greatly reduces the likelihood of failure at the threads, a common issue with lower quality spokes.

The DT Swiss Champion 14g is available in sizes from 150-314mm.

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 444 g for 64 x 264 mm length spokes, 2 mm thread

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