44mm Black Alloy Tubeless Valves

Our go to tubeless valves.


Product details

A pair of high quality, black anodised aluminium Presta Tubeless Valves for Presta drilled MTB and Road tubeless setups!

Weighing in at only 4.1g each we really like these valves and use them day in day out at the RyanBuildsWheels workshop here in Bristol for all of our tubeless needs. Working in tandem with a 4mm hex slot in the valve base spanner flats on the lockring allow them to be tightened sufficiently and a rubber o-ring protects your rim.  The machined valve base has airflow holes in it’s side to allow these valves full compatibility with rim inserts such as Cushcore and beyond.  The valve core a brass / steel assembly as one would expect; the shaft, base and valve cap are aluminium.