• Colour

  • Gauge

  • Sapim Anodised Alloy Nipples in poison Green

    Sapim Alloy Polyax 14mm Poison Green Nipples

    Exceptional spokes for builds where weight matters.


    Double Square alloy Nipple

    Sapim Alloy Double Square Nipples

    Lightweight, corrosion-resistant and long-lasting in a range of colours.


    DT Swiss Squorx Nipple

    DT Swiss Squorx Alloy Pro Lock Nipple

    Essential for building with DT’s premium PHR system rims.


    BAT Reduction Nipple

    Sapim Bat Reduction 14g Spoke to 13g Spoke Hole Silver Nipples

    For builders gauging a 14g spoke to fit into a rim designed for 13g nipples.